year of me

What can I say about the past year? Some days, I feel like it flew by in a blink of an eye. Other days, I feel like time couldn’t move any slower. As I reflect on the last year, the first thoughts in my head are all of the people whom I lost this past year. Those who fought fatal illnesses destined only for them; those who came in and out of my life to teach me something. I reflect on all the incredible opportunities and blessings Allah bestowed on me this past year that took me to new communities at home and internationally. Being able to pray in the most beautiful masjids in the world is something that I will cherish forever. I feel especially grateful for all the likely and unlikely connections I have made- online and offline, all of whom I have come to admire deeply. I also reflect on all the hardships I endured this year; the painful and draining experiences that Allah tested me with. Those tribulations were meant for me. Those tribulations taught me more about myself than anything else. Those tribulations brought me closer to Allah than I have ever been. Those tribulations remind me that this world is temporary, and that I’m here for the Hereafter. I’m blessed to wake up today and be able to experience the first day of 2018. This year, I will strive to remind myself to take the small things as big blessings- which I think is the key to achieve real gratitude; being able to take the small mundane daily routine things, and be so grateful for the chance to live them. I strive to stop comparing myself to others and remind myself that every. single. person. is struggling in some way shape or form, and find comfort in that we are all more similar than we are different. Thank you All for the love, support, and encouragement this past year. I’m excited for what’s to come in 2018! Happy New Year! 💛

Isra Chaker