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It’s no surprise that I love to speak. I love connecting with people and building bridges of understanding and acceptance, and I am grateful that my passion has brought me incredible speaking opportunities to connect with people across the globe. From the United Nations and the United States Capitol, to major global conferences like the Women’s March Convention and university campuses, I have taken the stage to speak my narrative and use my voice for social change. My journey is nowhere near complete, and I have many more chapters to write in my book, and that’s where you come in. I would love to come to your community and share my experiences, work and life lessons. I strive to go beyond the typical speech that evokes emotions and then leaves you without the steps of how to harness that emotion into action. I want to give you the motivation to recognize your voice, and the tools you need to create your impact whether it’s on your campus, or your organization, or community-at-large. I offer a multitude of services to empower and uplift communities in the US and internationally. Let’s make change happen together.



These are the most common topics I speak about:

1. Fighting for the American Dream: Dismantling the Misconceptions of Refugees

Refugees have become a trigger word in the media and US politics. They are mischaracterized as a drain on our economic resources and dangerous villains. This discussion will shed light on the dangerous and harrowing journey a refugee experiences as they flee from persecution, violence, and war in search of a safe haven using first person accounts. It will break down the main misconceptions of refugees and give the audience action steps on how they can advocate for welcoming refugees on their campus and in their community.

2. From Discrimination and Adversity, to Breaking Down Stereotypes on National TV

How facing harassment, discrimination and bullying motivated me to live my purpose to the fullest, and break down stereotypes of Muslim women. My journey started with a list of unattainable dreams and adversity, that I transformed into a platform advocating for causes I am passionate about on National TV. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to, and shatter the glass ceilings society has constructed for you. 

3. How to Use Your Platform for Good: Using Social Media for Social Change

In this day and age of social media overload at our fingertips all day every day, it has become harder and harder to find authentic and meaningful platforms that help you realize your worth, find your unique voice, and empower you to reach your full potential. We are imperfect, and social media has become a place where physical perfection is curated, multi-million dollar companies have tokenized Muslim women in hijab, photoshop images fill your feed to challenge your self-esteem with constant comparison, and where the majority of content doesn’t feed your heart and soul. I will discuss my relationship with and growth on social media, and how I created a space dedicated to stand in contrast to the “online norm” and feed your spirit, mind, and soul to be the change you wish to see.


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Advocacy trainings

I will help you understand what advocacy is, provide you real-life examples of advocacy campaigns, describe the role advocacy plays out in your everyday life, and the tools you need to influence change. 

Project management trainings

As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) who self-studied and passed on my first try, I will give you my unique study guide and process to ensure that you pass your PMP on the first try without paying thousands of dollars for a course. I can do a two hour condensed training, or a full two-day boot camp for you individually, your class, or your organization.

Leadership trainings

I will help you identify the leader you are and help you become the leader you want to be. Leadership is not about accolades and titles, it is a science and requires time and training to master.